As well as making ready-to-wear pieces I also design and create custom pieces made to order. Whether you're interested in subtle earrings, a show stopping necklace piece or custom name door sign, get in touch to request more information and a quote!

Please read the information about custom orders in my FAQ before getting in touch.


Eyes  Eyes closeupDeath Tarot  Boulet Cofin earringsHungry brooch  Hungry CloseupMeth eye brooch  UnicornSlay Sista  VanityVander brooch  Sasha BroochIce is not a lube  JamesBen brooch  Cheese BroochI'm Gay  PillsCoco brooch  Mirror ShardsBianca Eyes  Katya Knives  Katya Breakfast  Got Braaains?   Visage  Eye Hands  Chunky yet Funky  Katya Eyeballs  Katya cigarettes  Charity Kase Fries  Charity Kase Bow  Bow earrings  Rigor Morris Jinkx Clouds       De La  Charlie   Mutha  What Would Gina Do?   Don't Start  Party Monster  Kitty Powers  Kitty K  Kitty Powers Sony Pride  Haddaway  Fond  Beattie  Camacho  Busy Mum  U OK HUN?  BFF Horror  Cai  Moira  Flash  Fox   Flame   Pom Pom  Fae West  Fae West flower  

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